Keeping promises since 2015

In 2015, the world was in a happily unaware pre-apocalyptic state and Mark Ronson released Uptown Funk. Clean, natural and eco-friendly beauty was something new and exciting. That’s when APTO was born. 

Nowadays, people all over the world are asking for products that will not hurt their health nor the environment. It is a must, a condition, not a nice addition. And we think this is fantastic.

We’ve learned a lot during these 5 years. We’ve made a few mistakes that led to some interesting anecdotes, because, in the end, well, we are only human. We knew that going 100% natural wasn’t the easiest option. However, our (real) in-house production, formulation and expertise with ingredients made APTO a brand that could promise and deliver. Our products do what they are supposed to do; no more, but no less. APTO surprises by not surprising. Who would’ve thought this would be a thing.

What we are over:

*** 12-steps nightime routines *** Virgin plastic *** Read impossibly long ingredient lists *** Having to check on Reddit how to layer 3 different types of serums. *** Not knowing where products come from *** Products that cost more than your monthly phone bill *** Perfectionism *** Useless stuff; even if it's cute useless stuff. Like carton boxes for beauty products, which can be super cute, but actually are just waste.

What we are into:

***We make few promises, but all true *** Our products are designed in New York, and made in New Jersey at our family-run factory (see a little video below) *** We are affordable, clean, and both our ingredients and packaging have been carefully picked to deliver results while being kind to the planet *** We believe it is not only about producing “better” waste, but also less waste *** We exist to make your day easier *** We are so happy to be the sidekick to the supersonic human you are.  

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