Reusable Cotton Round Pads

APTO Limited Edition Holiday Gift Box Set


Gifts are always in season.

Our Limited Edition APTO Holiday Gift Box comes with two favorites from our Pomegranate Collection: Pomegranate Mask and Antioxidant Mist with Pomegranate. 

APTO supports artistic expression - For the seasonal products, artists are invited to create packaging designs that speak to how each artist feels about that particular time of the year, expressed through words, images and illustrations. It’s our goal to work with artists, poets, musicians and the like, to keep the brand fresh, different: original.

Conditional Confidence - is a creative body of work touching on memory, trauma, and sense of self. Artistic duo, Sarah Reynolds and Sally Lynch, hope to offer a space for like-minded folks to work through their personal experiences and narratives. You can follow them on Instagram @ConditionalConfidence.