The Earth Needs a Break

A good day to stop and think

22nd of April - Earth Day

APTO Skincare Earth Day 2021

The Earth has seen a lot this past year; 2020 and 2021 have been like one of those Saturday afternoon action films that you don’t really enjoy but can’t stop watching.

One thing is clear: those months in which us, humans, were in lockdown, even dolphins and flamingos returned to previously crowded beaches, which means that when we slow down, the Earth is grateful to go back to enjoying life. Pollution rates went down, noise descended and we took a certain notion that, indeed, it is our joint action that can stop climate change. As Snap! would say: we have the power.


22nd of April is Earth Day, a big date to celebrate our one and only home: our planet. Our planet, which is in danger. Our home, that needs us to make wise decisions as consumers and inhabitants towards a better future. A place in need for us to stop, to recycle, reuse, rethink and embrace degrowth. Sounds like a plan, right?


How to Celebrate Earth Day 2021:

  1. Non-profit EWG is hosting an online Earth Day Celebration: they will give tips and information to empower people to live healthier in healthier environments. All good science. 
  2. Make a list of things you want to improve in your life to make it more environmental and plan how to reach the goals. For example, buying less, buying local and buying better, and becoming happily and gratefully minimal.
  3. Take a look at environmental advocates and sustainability influencers like Marina Testino, Lauren Singer, Let’s Talk Slow or Marta Canga (among many other options!). Their didactic content and tips can serve as an inspiration for everyday lifestyle choices. 
  4. Watch documentaries about the Earth, minimalist living and climate change, such as Chasing ice, Minimalism, A plastic ocean, Seaspiracy, Before the flood and Mission blue. Let us know your favourite ones too!
  5. Take a walk through Nature. Breathe deeply. This, and only this, is the only true experience.
Share your Earth Day plans with us through our socials at APTO; as you know, we’re vegan, sustainable, minimalists, as environmental as it gets and we’ve even made our product sizes bigger to help people consume less. You’re in good (and always ready to learn and improve) hands. 

Happy Earth Day!

APTO team | @aptoskincare


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