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Turmeric Everywhere

Turmeric Everywhere

Turmeric is one of the trendiest supplements out there. You may have seen its distinctive bright yellow hues while scrolling through your Instagram feed or on your favorite lifestyle blog, but what does it actually do? It turns out that turmeric has been used in traditional Indian cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, and the Western world is only just now catching on!

Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, thanks to its active ingredient, curcumin. On its own, turmeric contains about 3% curcumin, which isn’t enough to yield results if you were to just use it as a spice in your cooking. However, most turmeric supplements contain much higher amounts of curcumin, which provide the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties you’re looking for. In fact, turmeric supplements are so powerful that they’re just as effective as some pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs! In addition to its amazing anti-inflammatory powers, turmeric can also help fight heart disease, metabolic disorders, improve brain function, and even alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and clinical depression! Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate turmeric into our daily routines.

Turmeric Latte

A delicious latte is one of the easiest ways to incorporate turmeric into your routine. Four Sigmatic’s Golden Latte Mushroom Mix with Shiitake & Turmeric is vegan, paleo, dairy-free, caffeine-free, and full of good-for-you ingredients like shiitake mushrooms, ginger, tulsi, coconut, black pepper, and of course, turmeric. Just one turmeric latte a day can help reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, and give your skin a healthy, radiant glow.

Turmeric Shot

If you’re looking for an even more concentrated way to get your daily dose of turmeric, look no further than the Golde Original Turmeric Tonic Blend. This potent, yet delicious powder contains 100% organic ingredients like coconut, cacao, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, and the star of the show, turmeric. Mix in a teaspoon or two with water or milk, or blend some into your morning smoothie! You’ll notice improvements in your immune system, muscle tone, digestive health, and skin!

Turmeric Mask

If you struggle with redness, acne, or rosacea, a turmeric mask is one of the greatest investments you can make for your skin! APTO’s Healing Turmeric Mask main active ingredients, turmeric and neem leaf, minimize redness and inflammation in your skin while simultaneously disinfecting any blemishes. Plus, this mask also features soothing, hydrating ingredients like aloe, lavender, and oat kernel.  

As you can see, incorporating turmeric into your routine doesn’t have to mean choking down yet another supplement pill. Turmeric lattes, shots, and masks are much easier and more pleasant ways to reap the benefits of this amazing anti-inflamm

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