Summer Tips for Clear Skin

June 23, 2017

Summer Tips for Clear Skin

Pool days, popsicles, and…pimples? No thank you! Summertime is the season of sun, but with sun comes sweat, and with sweat follows dreaded clogged pores and breakouts. Here are our top tips to keep your skin clear this summer.

1. Cleanse twice

We all know how important it is to thoroughly cleanse our skin every night in order to rid pores of dirt, pollution, and makeup, but when the temperature heats up, a second cleanse becomes necessary. While your first cleanse will remove makeup and sunscreen, the second will tackle that sweat and oil build-up in pores. Massage our Impurity Removal Cleanser onto dry skin, then gently wipe away with a damp cloth. Now comes the fun part. Repeat this same process again to ensure that your pores are clear and a new breakout won't surprise you in the morning.

2. Tone

Toning is a must all year long, but it becomes especially critical during the summer season. Toners are designed to remove any residue left behind by cleaners, restore the skin’s natural pH, and offer a temporary tightening effect on both the skin and follicle openings. When sweat wreaks havoc on your skin, our Balance Restoring Toner will regulate oil production so pores don't become clogged by excess sebum.

3. Use a clarifying mask

In order to prevent breakouts and keep your complexion smooth and glowing, use a clarifying mask once or twice a week during the summer. Look for formulas that contain some type of clay to absorb oil, an acid to slough away dead skin cells, and plenty of antioxidants to prevent damage from sun exposure. Our Instant Detoxifying Mask contains both betonite and kaolin clays, lactic acid, and plenty of antioxidants in the form of mushroom extract, dandelion extract, and fennel extract. Apply to clean skin and leave on for 20 minutes. Follow with our Advanced Clarifying Night Treatment for bonus blemish banishment!

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