Product Spotlight: Advanced Clarifying Night Treatment

June 08, 2017

Product Spotlight: Advanced Clarifying Night Treatment

Searching for a night cream that does it all? Well, look no further. Every ingredient in our perfectly whipped Advanced Clarifying Night Treatment was hand-selected with a purpose—like little answers to all of your skin prayers. 

advanced clarifying night treatment moisturizer

Problem? Inflammation.

Answer? Neem extract.

Used in traditional folk medicine for acne, neem extract is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Redness and spots begone!


Problem? Acne.

Answer? Cinnamon Extract.

Known to increase blood circulation to skin, cinnamon extract stimulates the body’s natural defense of active breakouts, thus reducing the life cycle of the pimple.


Problem? Acne scars.

Answer? St. John’s Wort Extract

Whether you suffer from burns, irritations, or acne scars, St. John’s Wort is the ultimate healing agent. By relieving damaged skin and decreasing inflammation, breakouts can heal without leaving a trace. 


Problem? Dryness.

Answer? Squalane Oil.

Known for it’s “dry” feeling but intense moisturizing properties, squalane oil is suitable for every skin type. As an added bonus, it’s also one of the very few non-irritating antibacterial oils! 


Problem? Aging skin.

Answer? White Tea Flavonoids.

An exceptional antioxidant, white tea flavonoids combat free radical damage, fighting off fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. 


We could go on and on, but you might as well take our word for it: our Advanced Clarifying Night Treatment does it all. To reap these skin-transforming benefits, apply the Advanced Clarifying Night Treatment as the last step in your skincare routine, after your cleanser, toner, and serum. Some even tell us that they love using it the morning too, because it acts as the perfect foundation primer! 

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