3 Feel-Good Skincare Products

May 08, 2017

3 Feel-Good Skincare Products

Skincare and self care go hand-in-hand. These are our top product picks for feeling good and bringing out your best self!

1. Masks: Our favorite product if you're in need of a little rejuvenation, masks made the top of the feel-good list because they deliver instant, visible results. Remember to turn masking into "me time" with a glass of wine and a good book! Check out our Instant Detoxifying Mask and Damage Repair Mask here

2. Eye Creams: Keep your eye cream in the fridge for an instant pick-me-up, especially in the warm summer months. De-puffing and soothing, a chilled eye cream will make you look and feel wide awake (no matter how late you stayed up binge-watching 13 Reasons Why the night before). Discover our Age-Defying Eye Treatment here.

3. Night Treatments: De-stress, boost circulation, and drain lymphatic build-up by doing a nightly facial massage with a thicker moisturizer. Gently massage the face and neck in upward motions, focusing on areas with lots of tension. Shop our Extremely Nourishing Night Treatment and Advanced Clarifying Night Treatment here

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